Apr 26, 2021

Favorite, tag, block, and share newsletters ūüď©

Originally Mailbrew was a daily email compiled from your favorite feeds. These days some of the best content out there comes from newsletters, so we're revamped our newsletters feature to Mailbrew become the best way to read newsletters.

Tagging & Favorites

You can now tag and favorite newsletters, and read them in dedicated feeds/digests based on the topics that interest you.

In a way, this is the first time you have the efficiency of an RSS reader but built from the ground up for newsletters.

For example, here are the tags I use:


Tags that currently don't have anything new in them are dimmed. If you have many interests and subscribe to many newsletters, this is a killer feature. I can quickly read on a topic based on my mood. 

When you are done with a tag, you can "Archive all". Try it, it's pretty satisfying:


You can also favorite newsletters and see them in a dedicated feed. I usually get my favorites in my morning digest and leave all other newsletters to read for the weekend via the web app.


Blocking Senders

We provide you with a page to manage all your newsletter subscriptions. You can quickly identify them at a glance thanks to the preview of the latest issue you received from them.


You can unsubscribe easily by "Blocking" a sender. Once blocked, a sender won't appear anymore in your feeds or digests. You can as easily unblock them if you change your mind. No need to hunt down for that unsubscribe link at the bottom of newsletters.

We also implemented some tech to suggests which newsletters you should unsubscribe from. We average out of many of the latest issues of a newsletter you have actually been reading and show this in each newsletter card as a rating:


As you can see the newsletter on the left has a rating of 2 because I almost never read it (I should probably unsubscribe), while the one on the left has a rating of 7, which means I read most of the issues.

Sharing Newsletters with Friends

You can quickly share newsletters with your friends or social networks with one click.


You get this short share URL, that looks great when shared and shows a preview of the actual content, like this:


Search your newsletters

Finally, you can now also search for any newsletter you received, by clicking the new search button in the top right corner of the page.

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