Aug 23, 2021

Mailbrew 2021.6 - Revamped Top Links

We've revamped the Top Links source to show better and more relevant content.

We now constantly analyze your Twitter Timeline to find the most popular links of the day or week, so you'll see more relevant links, with better titles and descriptions.

You can now also change the Top Links source style to show multiple columns.

Watch this little video to see it in action.

Other Improvements

  • Newsletters unsubscribe links are now disabled on public pages. So you can now safely publish your brews even if they include newsletters — visitors won't be able to unsubscribe you.
  • In the Inbox tab, press "s" on your keyboard to save the selected newsletter for later (you can move between newsletters with "j" and "k").
  • In the brew editor, you can now click on the title of a source to quickly rewrite it.
  • Articles and items in brews are slightly more spaced out to improve legibility.


  • Some newsletters had the wrong background color with dark mode.